Technology & Online Worship:

  • Tech in Church podcast
  • Church in the digital age: Measuring, and understanding, online worship metrics, 9/2022 article: Click here
  • Virtual Church Technology Q&A, 12/2020 recorded webinar: Click here
  • Digital Ministry: What Ministry Leaders Need to Know (PRC webinar): Click here
  • Tik Tok as Ministry, a PRC webinar: Click here
  • Digital First Community, 3/9/2021 (PRC webinar): Click here
  • Hybrid Worship: How to be engaging online AND in person, 3/18/2021 PRC webinar: Click here
  • The theology of podcasting, 4/20221 PCUSA online workshop: Click here
  • Getting Started With Church Online, 3/2020 PRC webinar: Click here
  • Tips for Bringing Worship Alive and Keeping It Real in Live Stream, 3/2020 PRC webinar w/ Marcia McFee: Click here
  • Quick & Dirty Intro to Live Streaming Worship PRC webinar: Click here
  • Livestreaming: You don’t need to spend big to have a big impact, pdf: Click here
  • Making sure your livestream worship service is copyright compliant, 8/2021 recorded workshop: Click here
  • Framing and lighting tips for professional videos, 11/2021 article PC(USA): Click here
  • Audio Tips For Hybrid Worship: Achieving optimum sound in both the sanctuary and online, 9/2021 PC(USA) article: Click here
  • Even while livestreaming worship, churches must comply with copyright laws, 8/2021 (PCUSA article): Click here
  • Making sure your services are copyright compliant, 9/2021 article: Click here
  • What Approach to Digital Worship is Best for Your Church? 4/2021 (Lewis Center for Church Leadership Article): Click here
  • Steps for Livestreaming on Facebook, 3/2021 PMA article: Click here
  • Technology & Social Media PRC resource page: Click here
  • Resource List for Online Church PRC document: Click here


Online Ministry & Podcasting:

  • 3 Simple, High-Potential Things Most Churches Miss In Their Digital Strategy, a 10/2022 Church Juice article: Click here
  • Sustaining Faith Online, 9/2021, a PRC webinar: Click here
  • Building Community Online, 9/2021, a Church Juice Podcast: Click here
  • Finding Intentional Community Online: The Story Of Queeranteen Camp, 10/2021 PRC webinar: Click here
  • Sustaining Faith Online, 10/2021 PRC webinar: Click here
  • Connecting your church with prayer communities: Click here
  • Synod of the Northeast seminars encourage online church relationships, 9/2021 article: Click here
  • Does your church need digital ambassadors? 1/2021 Digital Congregations Blog article: Click here
  • Online Ministry Help Wanted (PCUSA article): Click here


Social Media & Website:

  • Upgrade Your Church Social Media Feed with These Free Tools, Church Juice 7/2022 article: Click here
  • Church in the Digital Age: Creating engaging content is the goal, 5/2022 article: Click here
  • Understanding Social Media Analytics, 3/2022 recorded workshop designed to teach individuals to identify patterns and trends on various social media platforms. From PC(USA) Communicator’s Network: Click here
  • Weebly Live Build, 3/2022 recorded webinar, Join Eric Seiberling as he builds a simple yet powerful church website in ONE HOUR using Weebly: Click here
  • Social media needs a strategy: An online presence isn’t enough, 3/2022 PC(USA) article: Click here
  • Social Media image sizes cheat sheet: Click here
  • Best times to post on social media: Click here
  • Best social media practices, 10/2021 webinar: Click here
  • Six Ways Your Church Can Use Texting to Engage More People, 12/2021 article by Carey Nieuwhof: Click here
  • Communications Trends Post Covid-19, 11/2021 article from Presbyterian Communicators Network: Click here
  • The Downside of Social Media, and What Your Church Can Do About It, 11/2021 article from the Christian Reformed Church: Click here
  • Get your social media noticed with hashtags, 7/2021 (Ann Russ, PCUSA article): Click here
  • Technology & Social Media PRC resource page: Click here
  • Tik Tok as Ministry, Thursday, PRC webinar: Click here



  • Church Communications and Marketing Grant Program from Church Juice, up to $8,000, registration deadline August 31: Click here
  • Columbia Seminary received a Lilly endowment that allows it to offer ReKindle grants that will make Impact Grants of up to $10,000 to support projects designed to enhance congregational vitality in a post-COVID-19 context to congregations that are accepted into the program. 2022 applications being taken now, 2/2022: Click here
  • Presbyterian Foundation receives a third grant from Lilly Endowment that allows Foundation to make technology and training grants to pastors who serve small churches, congregations of color, 12/2021: Click here
  • Grants available to help African American churches meet media/technology needs, 10/2021 PC(USA): click here


Resource Sites:

  • Church and partner churches make countless resources available for free like best social media and video practices, small group guides, graphic assets, and more.: Click here
  • Church Media Drop if you need a last-minute graphic template or inspiration for an upcoming project. No account required: Click here
  • Church Juice, free resources for energizing church communications: Click here
  • Church and partner churches make countless resources available for free like best social media and video practices, small group guides, graphic assets, and more. Click here
  • Pixabay, free online graphics: Click here
  • Artillery/Website Designers $: Click here
  • Vibrant Church Communications, stickers and more $: Click here


Suggested Resources:

  • Becoming a Hybrid Church by Dave Daubert & Richard Jorgensen, 10/2020 – This book will take the reader through an overview of several areas of congregational ministry and reflect on how to begin to move every aspect of church life to a dual platform – on-the-ground and online. This “hybrid” kind of ministry will be the new norm for the next season in most congregation’s work. Written in crisp form, each chapter is concise and helps leaders begin to reframe their thinking on a particular aspect of congregational ministry. There are Bible readings, discussion questions and prayers at the end of each chapter making it perfect for leadership teams and small groups. Becoming a hybrid church is one path forward to both strengthen the church and reach new people with the gospel in bold, creative new ways. $ or free on Kindle
  • Six Questions About the Future of the Hybrid Church Experience, State of the Digital Church Series from Barna, $18
  • The Wired Church 2.0 by Jason Moore and Len Wilson, (Abingdon) “Wired Church 2.0 is the guidebook for a new generation of technology, addressing new multimedia trends, including blogs, podcasts, streaming video, and more. Wired Church 2.0 is a comprehensive how-to book written in an easy-to-understand “dummies’ guide” style. Church media coordinators will learn about the technology, costs, methods, and tricks-of-the-trade for producing high-quality web and video elements for worship, education, and marketing.”