Faith Formation:


  • Planning Faith Formation for 2022 and Beyond: A Time for Creativity, Experimentation, Innovation, a paper by John Roberto: Click here
  • Cultivate: Growing in Faith, a newsletter from PRC full of great Christian Education ideas for all ages, 8/2022: Click here
  • Simple Things: A Pre-School Tweak, 5/2022 APCE article: Click here
  • Developing a New Plan for Children’s Ministry, 11/2021 Children’s Ministry Basics article: Click here
  • Simple Things: A New Arena for Simpler Sundays, 5/2022 APCE article: Click here



  • Empowering Parents to Practice Faith at Home: A Ministry Leader Workshop, 5/2021 webinar from Yale Divinity School and Rev. Traci Smith: Click here
  • What’s Next in Christian Education Workshop, 6/2022 PRC webinar: Click here
  • A Messy Church for a Messy World, 3/2022 PRC webinar, Messy Church is a global movement that focuses on a way to be church for all-ages together to engage in faith formative activities celebrating the centrality of the love of Jesus Christ.: Click here


Resource Pages:

  • Children’s Ministry Basics website: Click here
  • Re-Formation Resource Roadmap from the PC(USA) includes links for articles, evaluation tools, hybrid ministry, and technology for post pandemic planning and re-formation: Click here
  • APCE Resource Page: Click here
  • Vibrant Faith: Transforming the way we envision and design faith formation for all ages and generations in the 21st century: Click here
  • Family Faith Formation Resources by Topic (Christian Reformed Church): Click here
  • Hope4CE: A place where innovative ideas and lesson plans can be shared for Christian Education: Click here
  • Techtools4CE (only on facebook): Click here
  • Lifelong Faith Formation for Today’s World: Click here
  • Building Faith, a ministry of Virginia Theological Seminary (article, webinars, resources): Click here