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  • GA225 news coverage with Presbyterian Outlook: Click here
  • Worship lineup, 1/19/2022 article: Click here
  • Committee schedule & policies, 1/21/2022 article: Click here
  • Two teams of candidates announce intentions to stand for Co-Moderators of the 225th General Assembly, 4/5/2022 article: Click here
  • Coordinating Committee approves comments on two significant General Assembly reports, 4/11/2022 article: Click here
  • Final Report: Special Committee on Racism Truth and Reconciliation, 4/18/2022 article: Click here
  • Spring meeting of the Committee on the office of the General Assembly (COGA) looks at GA business, per capita and preparations for June event, 4/20/2022: Click here
  • A Corporation to the 225th General Assembly: Administration is ministry, 4/21/2022 article: Click here
  • With protocols in place, 225th General Assembly still on track for both in-person/online event, 4/22/2022 article: Click here
  • The 225th General Assembly will be asked to OK unified budgets of $88.1 million in 2023 and $90.1 million in 2024, 5/2/2022: Click here
  • 7 overtures will address the climate crisis at GA225, but does the assembly’s format allow for the necessary conversations? 5/4/2022 article: Click here



  • General Assembly bulletin inserts – GA225 in 2022: Click here