Matthew 25: (also see Racial Justice & Church Vitality)

Articles/Resource Pages:

  • Join the Mt 25 Facebook Group: Click here
  • Being a Matthew 25 congregation resource page: Click here
  • Matthew 25 Eradicating Systemic Poverty Resource Packet, 6/2022: Click here
  • A quick overview of what it means to become a Matthew 25 church: Click here
  • Matthew 25 and the mission priorities of the Presbyterian Mission Agency list of quick-links: Click here
  • PCUSA Matthew 25 Resource page from the Office of Christian Formation: Click here
  • Download the Matthew 25 app: Click here
  • Guide to Engaging in Matthew 25 Resources and Studies: Click here
  • 21-Day Racial Justice Challenge (PCUSA): Click here
  • Adaptable PowerPoint templates are now available on Matthew 25! Click here(and then click on or scroll to “Matthew 25 PowerPoints”) to view templates for an overall Matthew 25 overview presentation, or options for theological insights into building congregational vitality, dismantling structural racism and eradicating systemic poverty.
  • What it means to follow Jesus as a Matthew 25 church, 6/2021 PCUSA Article: Click here


Matthew 25 Stories:

  • Children at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Iowa City are learning kindness by showing it to others, 5/2023 article: Click here
  • Being Matthew 25 explores innovative ways Denver-area churches are helping their neighbors into housing, 9/2022 article with links to podcasts and videos: Click here



  • Registration is now open for the first Matthew 25 Summit, ‘An Invitation for Innovation’ to be held in Atlanta Jan. 16-18, 2024: Click here



  • Online Matthew 25 gathering on ending systemic poverty is set for 3 p.m. Eastern Time on June 29. The webinar, “End Poverty: Measuring our Impact Holistically,” is designed to help answer questions including: How do we best focus our time, talent and treasure to reduce systemic poverty? Did those who live closest to the problem ask for accompaniment and did they develop the strategy? We know what we are fighting against, but what is the collective vision of what we want? Register here. More workshops on eradicating systemic poverty are scheduled for Aug. 28 and Oct. 30. A webinar on building congregational vitality will be held in mid-August and one on dismantling structural racism is set for early November. The national Matthew 25 summit is slated for Jan. 16-18, 2024, in Atlanta.
  • The PC(USA) on PBS, May 2023, ways to involve your church: Click here
  • A Year With Matthew (4 webinars), Purpose is to help worship planners prepare worship Advent through Transfiguration; focus is on Matthew, connection to church’s Matthew 25 vision: Webinar #1
  • Rather than telling people what change will look like, it’s more effective to show them, a recorded Mt 25 discussion, 4/2022: Click here
  • A Place at The Table, a 2022 series from one PC(USA) church to deal with systemic racism and eradicate poverty: Click here
  • Being Matthew 25, a monthly interactive livestream series designed to inspire congregations, mid councils and groups to help care for the least of these, 1/2022, PC(USA): Click here
  • Two PC(USA) congregations in Princeton, New Jersey, offer up an example of how holding difficult conversations can result in real progress healing the nation’s racial divide, 12/2021 recorded webinar: Click here
  • A powerful story about two churches who answered the Matthew 25 invitation to focus on racism and poverty, which has increased their congregational vitality. This video is available to download and share in your work to build congregational vitality, dismantle structural racism and eradicate systemic poverty in your communities.: Click here
  • “The Struggle is Real,” a virtual discussion series by the Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People (SDOP): Click here – Previous webinars on-demand: Click here
  • Examples from churches and mid councils on how to address this crisis in your community: recording of the June 23, 2021, program and hunger and food insecurities resources.
  • Good Medicine episode with Rev. Diane Moffett on the Matthew 25 vision and decolonization: Click here
  • Matthew 25 Stories (PCUSA): Click here
  • Welcoming the Stranger Webinar #2, Second webinar in a series hosted by the PCUSA Migration Roundtable, 11/2021: Click here
  • Welcoming the Stranger Webinar #1, First webinar in a series hosted by the PCUSA Migration Roundtable, 5 2021: Click here
  • Eradicating systemic poverty video. The Presbyterian Mission Agency has created a :30 social media video to start conversations and raise awareness around the systemic poverty facing people in all walks of life, especially with the additional impact of the pandemic.: Chick here  (& a 2 ½ minute video: Click here)
  • Race, Reparations and Reconciliation, 5/2021 PCUSA recorded webinar with Rev. Dr. Allan Boesak: Click here
  • Black Maternal Health Webinar explores ways to save lives and be supportive, 3/26/2021 PCUSA 1 hour webinar & resources: Click here
  • View recorded Matthew 25 program on housing, 3/2021 PCUSA webinar: Click here & resources from the gathering: Click here


Suggested Studies & Resources: (Contact Julie Price about the possibility of sharing the cost with the Resource Center.)

  • Educate A Child Tool Kit – Practical tools and starting points for congregations working or seeking involvement with direct service and advocacy for education:
  • Engaging Matthew 25 Through Film – 1. Video Discussion Series based on Dismantling Structural Racism (PCUSA 6-session video discussion):  2. Video Discussion Series based on eradicating systemic poverty (PCUSA 6-session video discussion)
  • Theological Discussion 3-4 week Curriculum from the 146th Presbytery Meeting, 3/2021. Video link and Discussion Questions: Click here
  • Matthew 25 Resource Guide from Presbyterian Publishing: Click here
  • Decolonizing Wealth: Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance by Edgar Villanueva, 2018, a provocative analysis of the dysfunctional colonial dynamics at play in philanthropy and finance. Award-winning philanthropy executive Edgar Villanueva draws from the traditions from the Native way to prescribe the medicine for restoring balance and healing our divides.
  • Justice or Just Us (4 session video study)$$: Click here
  • How To Fight Racism, Jemar Tisby (10 session video study)$$: Click here
  • Dialogues on Race (Sparkhouse 7 session video study)$$: Click here
  • Holding Up Your Corner, Talking About Race In Your Community, Willis Johnson (DVD study)$$: Click here