Youth Ministry:


  • Blessed Youth: Breaking the Silence About Mental Illness With Children and Teens, a PRC webinar on Feb. 16 at 1:00pm: Click here
  • Big Ideas for Parenting Youth, series of webinars from top PC(USA) speakers, October 2022: Click here
  • A Faith of Their Own: A Theological Field Guide for Youth Workers, 5/2022 PRC webinar: Click here
  • What’s Next in Youth Ministry, 5/2022 PRC webinar: Click here
  • Turning the good ship SS Ministry even as it continues sailing in uncharted waters, 4/2022 article with podcast link: Click here
  • Big Ideas in Youth Ministry podcast: Click here
  • A 2017 International Peacemaker living and working in Odessa, Ukraine, answers questions from PC(USA) youth during a moving webinar, 4/10/2022: Click here
  • Spiritual Practices with Children and Youth (PRC webinar): Click here
  • Everything is Youth Ministry (Princeton podcast series), The major models of youth ministry in the church are no longer working, but we keep pouring time and energy into them, hoping for a different outcome. Instead, what if we reimagined the practice of youth ministry entirely?: Click here



  • Youth Mission Co, an organization that provides mission opportunities for youth groups in the US, : Click here
  • 14 Last-Minute Fun Youth Group Activities & Games, 8/2021 article: Click here
  • OMG: A Youth Ministry Handbook by Roland D. Martinson, 2010, $
  • Yale Youth Ministry Institute: Click here
  • Our kids and mental health, 4/2022 article: Click here
  • Putting the Fun Back Into Fundraising: Ideas to inspire and encourage giving, 9/2021 PC(USA) article: Click here
  • Institute for Youth Ministry (Princeton Theological Seminary): Click here
  • Better Youth Ministry: Click here
  • 50 Ways to Strengthen Ministry with Youth,5/2019 (Lewis Center for Church Leadership article): Click here
  • Youth Ministry Remote Ministry Resources (APCE resource page): Click here


College & Young Adult:

  • Why Presbyterians Are Like That is a 10-session Bible study designed for college students and young adults. The Office of Christian Formation has partnered with UKirk Collegiate Ministries to offer this series of free downloadable PDF Bible studies based on one Presbyterian chaplain’s suggestion of 10 reasons Presbyterians are the way we are. The study was written by Austin College chaplain and director of Church Relations the Rev. Dr. John Williams. To learn more or for individual lesson PDFs, click here. There will be an adaptation of this resource available in early 2023 for other adult class settings.