Coordinating Team MWS Susan Arnold
Coordinating Team Meetings (members only) Documents
Committee on Administration RE Carolyn Willis
Committee on Representation MWS Marie Mainard-O’Connell
Committee on Nominations Chuck Olson
Permanent Judicial Commission MWS Mark Clark
Committee on Preparation for Ministry MWS Elizabeth Brinegar
Committee on Ministry MWS Leslie Belden
Committee on Ministry Meetings (members only) Documents
Committee on the Mission of the Church CRE Peg Falls-Corbitt
Sub-Committee on Disaster Preparedness & Response RE Doug Forsman
Honduran Ministry Sub Committee MWS Phil Butin & RE Leigh Woodruff
Committee on Ministries with Youth, Young Adults & Campus Ministry MWS Maggie Alsup
Resource Center Board MWS Jocelyn Wildhack
Committee on the Future of the Church RE Cindy Lanphear
Presbyterian Women Coordinating Team Cathy Rogers & Patty Minga
Ferncliff Board of Trustees Mike Terrell