Welcome from the Youth A-Team!

The Youth Advisory Team (we call it the Youth A-Team) is a team of youth, young adults, and adults that seek to grow disciples of Jesus Christ through planning awesome events, conferences, and mission opportunities for the youth of the Presbytery of Arkansas!

Each A-Team member serves for one school year (June-May) and can re-apply perpetually as their schedule allows. We’d love to have you join us!

More information? Questions? Contact Brianne Christiansen, Interim Director of Youth Ministries for the Presbytery of Arkansas, at brianne@presbyark.org.

Check out the awesome year YAT put together!

Youth @ Presbytery – March 3-4, 2023

Join us for Youth @ Presbyter on March 3-4, Friday evening through Saturday afternoon, at Lyon College in Batesville, AR. All high school students and their adult leaders are invited! The event costs $20 which covers food, housing and a Presby t-shirt! Registration is due Friday, Feb. 24.

This event is about learning, representation, and community. The Presbytery of Arkansas hosts their winter meeting March 3-4, and we are invited to attend as advisory delegates. Our Youth A-Team moderator will address the body, and we will give advisory votes on key issues to help the Presbytery know what our priorities are as high schoolers.
The Presbytery meeting typically gathers after dinner on Friday through after lunch on Saturday. We will update attendees on the official schedule when we can. We invite you to show up whenever you can on Friday evening (we know the drive is long) and join in the meeting & worship. After Friday’s Presbytery gathering, we youth will head to First Presbytery Church in Batesville, AR for a late-night hangout and overnight. Make sure to bring bedding, clothing, & other overnight necessities. On Saturday we will attend the presbytery meeting to share our advisory votes and participate in the work of the church. Breakfast & lunch will be provided!
Notes: Youth and Adult commissioned ruling elders can attend Y@P and still fulfill your elder responsibilities.
See you Batesville!!!

Please register by Friday, February 24!

Mission: Possible

April 14-15, 2023

Registration coming soon!!!

Youth A-Team Summer Trips

Register for all summer trips by March 1, 2023!

Email Brianne Christiansen with any summer trip questions: brianne@presbyark.org

Inviting all 5th-8th grade students, high school helpers, and adult chaperones!


The Youth A-Team (YAT) is excited to bring this new junior high experience to y’all! Presby+: Your Junior High Ferncliff Experience is like summer camp at Ferncliff plus a little extra! You’ll spend the week in cabins with Ferncliff counselors plus other Presbytery junior highers. You’ll attend all-camp vespers and some all-camp activities, plus you’ll have special activities hosted by Presbytery adult chaperones and high school helpers. Plus on Wednesday afternoon, you’ll head off-camp for a special Little Rock outing!  We hope you join us for extra fun at Presby+!

Who can go? Any current 5th-8th graders! We have 16 guaranteed spots for students and will look to add more as needed. We are also looking for 4 adult chaperones & 4 youth helpers to join us! 

  • Adult Chaperone Responsibilities: Adult chaperones must be 21 or older and pass a background check. You will stay in the Brown Center with other adults. You will lead one special activity each afternoon (planned by YAT) and drive/chaperone/host the Wednesday afternoon outing. You will take turns spending time with our Presbytery cabins, and will also supervise the high school helpers.
  • High School Helper Responsibilities: High school helpers must have completed 10th grade by Presb+. Priority is given to youth on the Youth  A-Team. You will stay in the Brown Center with the other helpers and report to the adult chaperones. You’ll help lead one special activity each afternoon and attend the Wednesday outing. You’ll also take turns spending time with our cabins.

How do I register? There is a two-step registration process. 

  1. Fill out the interest form (blue button above) to receive the Presby+ link for the Ferncliff website via email. 
  2. Follow the instructions to register for Presby+ on the Ferncliff website. Pay the $50 deposit to Ferncliff directly through the Ferncliff website. All payments for this trip should be paid directly to Ferncliff and not to the Presbytery.

Please register by March 1, 2023.

Inviting all 8th-12th grade students, adult chaperones & adult drivers!


Join us for Montreat, a Presbyterian youth conference just for high school students!
At Montreat, young people from across the country gather for a week of worship, recreation, and friendship. You will spend time exploring your faith while enjoying old and new friends in the beautiful NC mountains!

Who can go? Any current 8th-12th grader! We have 16 guaranteed spots for
students, and then will work at adding more spots as needed beyond that! We are also looking for at least 4 adult chaperones and 3 adult drivers! If your church sends 5 or more students, we ask you to send an adult participant.

Adult Participant Job Descriptions:

  • Chaperones are adults whose primary job is to take care of
    students. Your role is to travel with the students and attend
    conference events, caring for student needs as they arise during
    the week away.
  • Drivers are adults whose primary job is to drive the participants to
    and from Montreat. Your food and housing during the conference are included in your trip costs. You are welcome to pay an additional $300 to attend the Montreat conference with the students & chaperones or to spend the week in a personal retreat at Montreat.
  • All adult participants must be 21 or older and pass a background check. The Presbytery must approve all adult participants. Adults will stay in shared rooms with other adults.

How can my church encourage youth to attend YAT Summer Trips?

  1. Please share this information with all the youth connected to your church! Friends are welcome as well!
  2. The Youth A-Team encourages churches to help make these trips affordable by offering scholarships to participants connected to their congregations. If your church is offering scholarships, please alert Brianne (brianne@presbyark.org) so we can process billing appropriately.
  3. We always need good chaperones and drivers for summer trips. You don’t have to have a student participant on the trips to send an amazing adult. Please pass this info on to adults in your church who you think might be willing to volunteer. And then please support those adults with scholarships if you are able.
  4. Finally, churches are also encouraged to support our youth in prayer before, during, and after the trip! Keep an eye on our social media for trip updates: Facebook & Instagram

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