Church Vitality:

Church Growth:

  • How Do Congregations Grow, a 6/2024 article from Convergence: Click here
  • Leading Faithful Innovation, a free PRC on demand webinar, 2/2024: Click here
  • Creating Innovative Responses for Churches in The Turbulent 2020, a PRC webinar on Thursday, Sept. 7, 2023: Click here
  • Using the assets we have: Innovation in ministry, A 3/2023 Outlook on-demand webinar: Click here
  • Church Growth Barriers: How to Break Through the 4 Most Common Plateaus, 5/2023 webinar from the Unstuck Group: Click here, and the workbook: Click here
  • Discipleship Pathways: Common obstacles of faith formation, a recorded PRC webinar: Click here
  • Fun and Meaningful Ideas to Reinvigorate Your Community Outreach, 5/2022 PRC webinar: Click here
  • Strategic Ambiguity: 5 things every church can do in times of uncertainty to move towards health, 5/2022 PRC webinar: Click here
  • Thriving in a Decade of Accelerating Change, 6/2022  PRC webinar: Click here
  • Does your church need a sabbatical? 3/2022 PRC webinar, Explore how you can use the sabbatical concept through the next year as a way to build momentum for what’s next!: Click here
  • How To Generate Bye-in for Revitalization , Tom Cheyney video: Click here
  • A Fresh Start at Strengthening Relationships in Your Church, 6/2021 PRC webinar on getting to know people who are new to your congregation and reaching out to include people on the “fringes” of congregational life: Click here
  • The Reclaimed Leader podcast with Jason Tucker & Jesse Skiffington: Click here
  • The Unstuck Church Report on church staffing trends, 5/2024: Click here
  • How Does Church Photography Help You Reach People? Photography could be the breakthrough your church needs to reach more people. A Church Marketing University 2024 article: Click here
  • First Impressions Conference Magazine, Fall 2023, Hospitality: Click here
  • 10 Ways to Grow Your Church Through Engagement, 7/2023 article by Carey Nieuwhof: Click here
  • 7 Ways To Grow Church Attendance By Increasing Engagement, a Carey Nieuwhof article, 3/2023: Click here
  • What Is Your Why, 4/2023 article by Debi Nixon of The Resurrection Church: Click here
  • Planning Center software –  a set of software tools to help you organize information, coordinate events, communicate with your team, and connect with your congregation.$: Click here
  • 19 Ways to Equip Your Church to Invite Others, a 3/2023 Church Juice article: Click here
  • Manual for Developing the Seven Marks of Congregational Vitality from the PC(USA): Click here
  • Fresh Expressions, a website helping pastors and leaders equip their church to reach more people for Christ: Click here
  • The Senior Pastor’s Guide to Reaching More People – Lots of ideas and best practices on how to reach new people PDF from Church Juice: Click here
  • Hemorrhaging Faith: Why and When Young Canadian Adults are Leaving, Staying, and Returning to the Church, a Family Faith Formation Research Project: Click here
  • Starting Small Groups… Connection before Content, an 8/2023 blog article from Sharechurch: Click here
  • 7 Ways To Build Teams of Great Leaders(when you feel like your team is lacking), 6/2021 (Carey Nieuwhof article): Click here
  • The ‘Great Realignment’: Pastors come and go, 6/22/2022 PC(USA) article with stories of several congregations and church leaders who have successfully navigated transitions and offers guidance on how to survive and even flourish in these trying times: Click here
  • 8 Steps 4 Change: Steps Required to Transition a Church, Bob Whitesel (article): Click here



  • Onward Leadership Institute 2024, Sharechurch, Sept 25-27, Leewood, KS: Click here


Consulting Groups:

  • Convergence Group, strategic planning, resources, online learning: Click here
  • Cyclical – Founded by Presbyterians, it is an organization working to pave the way for churches to innovate in new ways, and to see what is possible for the future: Click here
  • Project Regeneration from the Presbyterian Foundation walks alongside congregations as they work to discern their path into the future, free: Click here
  • MissionInsite: Click here – to use this site for free, follow the directions on this page to log in. MissionInsite on-demand webinar page: Click here
  • Pneumatix – provides adaptive change leadership skills for congregational transformation: Click here
  • Center For Healthy Churches: Click here
  • The Unstuck Group – helps equip churches to grow their impact and effectiveness $: Click here
  • Holy Cow Consulting & Data: Click here
  • The Tech Chaplaincy Institute – teaches mission driven organizations how to get the most out of their technology $: Click here
  • Broken Sheep – helping churches reach the lost in their community, welcome them into the church and introducing them into a life long relationship with Christ: Click here
  • CCG (Congregational Consulting Group): Click here
  • Church Marketing University: Click here


Hospitality/Welcoming Visitors:

  • Open Network videos: 3 Steps for Engaging First Time Visitors, Create a welcoming Environments For New Guests, and Practical Strategies For Recruiting New Volunteers: Click here
  • Seven Reasons Your Guests Aren’t Returning, a ShareChurch article: Click here
  • Three Characteristics of Excellent Follow-up, a ShareChurch article: Click here
  • Getting First Time Visitors to Come Back, a 10 minute video from Church Marketing University with some great ideas to try: Click here
  • Three Characteristics of Excellent Follow-Up (with visitors), a blog article from ShareChurch (UMC) 11/2023: Click here
  • Operations page (think hospitality & events) of Open Network church: Click here
  • Plan a visit blueprint from Text At Church: Click here
  • Secret Shopper Form – Hand this to someone so they can give unfiltered feedback on your church experience: Click here


Presbytery of Arkansas Recorded Theological Discussions:

  • Theological Discussion with Tod Bolsinger from the 6/2022 meeting of the Presbytery of Arkansas: Click here
  • Adaptive Change, Theological Discussion with Deborah Wright and the 148th Meeting of the Presbytery of Arkansas, 10/2021: Click here
  • Theological Discussion with Jason Tucker from the 6/2021 meeting of the Presbytery of Arkansas: Click here


Reaching Millennials/Gen Z:

  • Strategies for Reaching and Developing Gen Z, a PRC recorded webinar from May, 2024: Click here
  • Not Done Yet with Beth Seversen, a webinar from Therefore Go Ministries – A conversation focused on best practices for the church as we seek to connect with emerging adults.: Click here
  • Returning to ritual: Gen Z and religion, 2/2024 Outlook article: Click here
  • A Sneak Peek into 5 Characteristics of Gen Z Church, Carey Nieuwhof 3/2023 article: Click here
  • Who Teens Really Listen To, Why Adults Fail to Connect with Gen Z, and Creating a Better Soundtrack for the Next Generation, 11/2022 Carey Nieuwhof podcast: Click here
  • Renegotiating Faith: The Delay in Young Adult Identity Formation and What it Means for the Church in Canada, a Family Faith Formation Research Report: Click here
  • 3 Ideas For Increasing Your Influence With Gen Z, 5/2022 article from Carey Nieuwhof: Click here
  • What does the next generation actually want from your church? 8/2021 (Carey Nieuwhof podcast episode): Click here
  • Black Millennials and the Church forum, 9/9 at 7:00pm, intergenerational: Click here
  • Articles on Millennials from the Lewis Center for Church Leadership: Click here
  • Articles on Reaching Younger People from the Lewis Center for Church Leadership: Click here
  • 5 Surprising Characteristics of Churches That Are Actually Reaching The Next Generation, a Carey Nieuwhof article: Click here
  • What Millennials Want When They Visit A Church, 3/2015 (a Barna Group article): Click here
  • 5 Things Millennials Are Looking For in A Church, a Carey Nieuwhof article: Click here
  • Reaching Millennials: Proven Methods for Engaging a Younger Generation by David Stark, Bethany House 2016


Resource Pages:

  • The Colossian Forum: Lead Through Conflict, free and $: Click here
  • Church Answers, Tom Rainer resource page: Click here
  • Carey Nieuwhof resources on Leadership, (articles, podcast, & more) free & $: Click here
  • Lewis Center for Church Leadership (articles & podcasts): Click here
  • Fresh Expressions with Michael Adam Beck, resourcing church leaders to serve the present age (UMC): Click here



  • Getting and Keeping Talented, Engaged Volunteers, 10/2021 PRC webinar: Click here
  • Getting Volunteers To Say Yes, a 1/2024 article by Susan Beaumont of The Congregational Consulting Group: Click here
  • Is Your Volunteer Recruitment Working, a ShareChurch article: Click here
  • Five Ways To Show Volunteers Appreciation, a ShareChurch article: Click here
  • 3 Things Every Volunteer Needs to Know, a 3/2023 Church Juice article: Click here


Suggested Resources: