Emotional and Spiritual Care:

  • Synod conversations on Living in Liminal Space on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of each month: Click here
  • ‘Soul to Soul.’ A video Journal for researchers and practitioners interested in all aspects of Children’s Spirituality: Click here
  • Isaiah and the Worry Pack: Learning to Trust God with All Our Fears by Ruth Goring
  • Spiritual Gifts resources from the United Methodist church, 5/2023: Click here
  • Writing Toward Wholeness, 5/2023 recorded PRC webinar: Click here
  • Invitation To Retreat by Ruth Haley Barton, 2022: Click here
  • Practicing discernment by remaining spiritually disciplined, 3/2022 Sunspots podcast: Click here
  • Labyrinth stickers from Vibrant Church Communications, $: Click here
  • The Way of Spiritual Fortitude – A 1001 New Worshiping Communities Seminar Series, (Brian McLaren conversation) (Rev. Jeff Eddings Conversation) 
  • Faith Practices Project: Transformation Christian practices for developing a deeper, more life-giving faith (Christian Reformed Church): Click here
  • Building Resilience (PDA webinar): Click here
  • Spiritual Gift Websites: ELCA/ Click here ; Upper Room/ Click here
  • Personal Retreat Websites: Retreat Day/Click here ; Personal spiritual retreat: 24 hours with God (Ministry Today article)/ Click here ; Labyrinth Resources/ Click here
  • Spirituality After 70 (PRC webinar): Click here
  • Retirement as a Spiritual Journey, 2/2020 (PRC webinar): Click here
  • Navigating the Pandemic as a Journey of Faith: A Look at Covid-19 Through the Lens of Christian Pilgrimage (APCE webinar): Click here


Grief Resources:

  • Using Movement to Reduce Trauma Responses, a 2023 article: Click here
  • The Little Blue Bottle by Jennifer Grant, Church Publishing Inc 10/2020, a children’s book dealing with grief, a review: Click here
  • Managing the Grief of Others While Dealing With Our Own, a recorded PRC webinar: Click here
  • Children’s Books on Death, Loss, and Grieving, 12/2021 Christian Reformed Church article: Click here
  • Death, Loss, and Grieving: Resources for Ministry Leaders and Parents, 12/2021 Christian Reformed Church article: Click here


Mental Health:

  • Find Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers & Support: Click here
  • How Gratitude Changes You and Your Brain, a 6/2017 article from Greater Good Magazine: Click here
  • Fighting America’s Loneliness Epidemic, 5/2023 Axios article: Click here
  • Blessed Youth: Breaking the Silence About Mental Illness With Children and Teens, a recorded PRC webinar: Click here
  • Start Your Recovery, an organization helping people get started on the road to recovery from substance abuse: Click here
  • 100 Devotions for Kids With Anxiety by Patricia MacLaughlin, 2022: Click here
  • The Rev. Talitha Amadea Aho, Chaplain and author, discusses spiritual care needs young people are experiencing around the climate crisis, 9/2022 article & podcast: Click here
  • Does faith have a place in mental health? Faith leaders & mental health providers share their insights and experiences during a thought-provoking 6/2022 PC(USA) webinar: Click here
  • A conversation with Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty, professor, pastor, and author of Dutiful Love: Empowering Individuals and Families Affected by Serious Mental Illness, 4/26/2022 conversation and Q&A from Presbyterian Outlook, $10: Click here
  • Hope for Recovery is a series of podcasts in simple language to help the common person understand the baffling disease of addiction.: Click here
  • Our kids and mental health, 4/2022 article: Click here
  • How Churches Can Help Alleviate Mental Health Stigmas and Support Those in Need, 6/24/2022 at 1:00pm, a PRC webinar: Click here
  • Alter program gives churches tools to minister to people living with dementia: Click here Article: Click here
  • Race and Culture Mental Health Resources, 4/2021 (PCUSA): Click here


Pastor support:

  • Wounded Pastors: Navigating Burnout, Finding Healing, and Discerning the Future of Your Ministry by James Fenimore & Carol Howard, 2024, John Knox Press, $
  • Theology, Formation & Evangelism Spiritual Practices cohort groups help pastors feeling fatigued, worn out and longing to go deeper into their faith journey, 11/2021: Click here
  • The Lilly Endowment posts information about its clergy renewal programs (11/2021): Click here
  • The Unseen Emotional Impact of the Pandemic on Pastors, 6/2021 (95 Network podcast with Karl Vaters): Click here
  • Overwhelm Workshop – Do you feel buried under the weight of the the world? the church? the community struggles? the family demands? the near constant change and ever growing need? It’s all too much. We can help. 2/2022 PRC webinar: Click here
  • Columbia Theological Seminary program to support clergy in crisis: Click here
  • How I Recovered From Burnout: 12 Keys To Getting Back, Carey Nieuwhof (Blog article):  Click here


Resource pages:

  • IVP Formatio, a book company that deals with spiritual formation: Click here
  • PCUSA Mental Health and Trauma Resources: Click here
  • Mental Health Resources, 2021 (PCUSA): Click here
  • Mental health for parents, kids and families, Parenting Resources from PC(USA): Click here
  • Spiritual Resources for the COVID-19 Pandemic (Spirituality & Practice resource page): Click here
  • Covid-19 Mental Health Resource, 4/2021 (PCUSA): Click here
  • Middle School/High School resources for  social and emotional health (PCUSA): Click here
  • New Mental Health resource from PC(USA) is available for free downloading, 5/2021: Click here


Suggested Books & Studies:

* Can be found in the Resource Center.