• Getting First Time Visitors to Come Back, a 10 minute video from Church Marketing University with some great ideas to try: Click here
  • Jason Tucker Evangelism Workshop for the Presbytery of Arkansas, 10/2022: Click here
  • 8 Habits of Evangelism, a resource from the PCUSA which provides structured lessons for each of the eight identified habits of evangelism — justice, radical welcome, worship, sacraments, prayer, fellowship, teaching and generosity (8 lessons for individuals and groups) free download: Click here
  • Welcoming Guests To Your Church, PRC webinar: Click here
  • Church Signage: Make You Maze Easy to Navigate, PRC webinar: Click here
  • Attracting and Keeping Congregational Members (Faith Communities Today article): Click here


Outreach events:

  • Candypalooza, an October/Halloween outreach event: Click here