Gender & Sexuality:

Webinars & Podcasts:

  • Weekend panel explores ways adult Christians can fight for and care for transgender and LGBTQIA+ youth, 5/2022 article with link to 73 minute discussion: Click here
  • “Intersectional Justice: Exploring Gender & Racial Justice in a Matthew 25 Context”  Sessions are being offered July 13 and Sept. 14. This is two offerings of the same content, not a series. Registration is capped for each session.: Click here
  • A Christian’s Guide to the Gender Revolution, 2/2022 Karl Vaders podcast: Click here
  • “How Welcoming are We?”, a 75 minute on-demand event with Rev. Brian Ellison, executive director of Covenant Network of Presbyterians, 9/2021: Click here
  • Pride: Queer Justice and Human Justice, 6/2021, a webinar from Union Seminary’s Center for Social Justice and Reconciliation: Click here
  • Fighting for the Equality Act called ‘an issue of faith’ 6/2021 (PCUSA webinar): Click here
  • Online workshop designed to help Presbyterians embrace gender and inclusion, 4/13/2021 @6pm, also July 13 and Oct 19 (PCUSA online workshop) – Click here
  • Do the queer community and the church need each other? 6/2021 (Just Talk Live podcast): Click here
  • Queering the Family from Unbound and More Light Presbyterians includes Bible studies and essays, 5/2021: Click here, Just Talk Live podcast discussion of the series, 5/2021: Click here
  • Breaking free from purity culture, 5/4/2021 (A “Just Talk Live” podcast): Click here


Articles & Resource Pages:

  • More Light Resources: Click here
  • The Office of Gender, Racial & Intercultural Justice in the Presbyterian Mission Agency Resources for Gender Justice Work: Click here
  • For parents of LGBTQ kids: Click here
  • US Trans Survey 2022: Click here
  • A brochure that explains why inclusive and expansive language is important and suggests ways to express the fullness of God’s presence including guidelines for speaking and writing. PC(USA) 2022: Click here
  • Practicing inclusion: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as marks of the Church, 6/2022 PC(USA) article: Click here
  • PAM’s Adult Bible Study helps participants see beyond either-or interpretation, 6/2022 article: Click here
  • The Trevor Project – website to help LGBTQ individuals reach out to a counselor, find answers and information, and get the tools needed to help someone else.: Click here
  • Digging into the Bible’s ‘clobber texts’: workshop makes the argument for inclusion of all God’s children into church life and ministry, 11/2021 PC(USA) article: Click here
  • Resources from Gender & Racial Justice (PCUSA): Click here


Gender & Sexuality Studies: (Contact Julie Price about the possibility of sharing the cost with the Resource Center.)

  • Dialogues On: Sexuality, Spring 2021 (Spark House, 7 video sessions)$$: Click here


Worship Resources:

  • PRIDE Resources for Worship from Worship Design Studio: Click here