Social Justice: (also see Environmental Justice, Racial Justice, Gender & Sexuality)


  • The first installment of Princeton Theological Seminary’s ‘The Future of American Democracy’ elicits an illuminating and respectful discussion from panelists with divergent perspectives, 10/2022: Click here
  • Webinar explores the church’s role in protecting voting rights for all: Click here
  • Israel-Palestine Webinars from the PC(USA): Click here
  • Videos from the Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People: Click here
  • The Struggle is Real webinar series features a dialogue about the intersectionality of poverty and varied social justice issues with church and community leaders.: Click here, Previous webinars on-demand: Click here
  • Mass incarceration webinar, discussion highlights the challenges of returning to society after incarceration, 1/2022: Click here
  • How to resist ‘the fear and outrage that is being encouraged’, A Leading Theology conversation, 11/2021: Click here
  • Delve into the Pandora Papers with Valéry Nodem, 11/2021 article and listening session: Click here
  • Join the Movement, a new livestream series designed to show how people can get involved in the work of the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s Compassion, Peace & Justice (CPJ) ministries: Click here
  • Just Talk/Talk Just, webinar series from Union Seminary’s Center for Social Justice and Reconciliation: Click here
  • Who Will Roll the Stone Away, 7/2021, film takes visitors to the Tent of Nations, an act of peaceful resistance: Click here


Articles/Resource pages:

  • Project Stone Catcher recommended movies, books, and podcasts: Click here
  • Creative approaches to addressing hunger and homelessness applauded, 4/2022 article: Click here
  • PDA’s David Barnhart employs a deliberate and inclusive approach to make films Presbyterians and others flock to see, 4/2022 article: Click here
  • Hunger and Homelessness Resources from PC(USA): Click here
  • Social Justice & Mission Resources (PRC online resources): Click here
  • Hunger Action Congregations (PCUSA): Click here
  • Faith Facts: Documenting the good of religion in the United States: Click here


Suggested Resources:

  • Learning Together: Do Justice, from Spirit and Truth Publishing: Click here and a review
  • Elusive Grace: Loving Your Enemies While Striving for God’s Justice by Scott Black Johnston, 2022 Westminster John Knox Press
  • Companion Guide to the Commitment to Peacemaking We’ve committed to peacemaking — now what? Free from the PC(USA)
  • Peace Cards prompt conversation, prayer and reflection: Click here
  • Disciplined Hope: Prayer, Politics, and Resistance by Shannon Craigo-Snell, 2019: In a time of political turmoil, how should we pray? What is the role of prayer in resisting politics that are based on hatred and division? This book claims prayer as a way to choose hope over fear.
  • No Innocent Bystanders: Becoming an Ally in the Struggle for Justice by Shannon Craigo-Snell & Christopher J. Doucot, 2017: The struggle for justice is ongoing. In answering the biblical call to act justly and love mercifully, can Christians cross lines of privilege to walk humbly not only with God but with their marginalized neighbors as well? No Innocent Bystanders looks at the role of allies in social justice movements and asks what works, what doesn’t, and why. It explains what allies legitimately can accomplish, what they can’t, and what kind of humility and clarity is required to tell the difference.
  • Making good use of the Mission Toolkit, Resources abound for churches to end hunger and poverty, 10/2021 article: Click here
  • Liberty’s Civil Rights Road Trip, 7/2021, a book that introduces children to significant people, places and events from the civil rights movement.