• on June 24, 2019

News from Westminster Presbyterian Church (Little Rock)

On the evening of July 19, 2018 Westminster Presbyterian Church on John Calvin Drive in Little Rock, Arkansas burned to the ground. The loss of a beautiful facility and precious memories was deeply painful for the small congregation. They did not, however, despair. Within ten days the congregation was worshiping at the Arch Street Pike Firehouse, the use of the community room generously donated by one of the companies that had fought the flames.

The congregation and Session then began looking forward. Within a few months the previous property was sold, new property with a house that in it’s past had been a grocery store and a gas station decades earlier was purchased and renovations were planned and then begun. Murray Construction, Inc. volunteered to do the work at cost, a great blessing to the church.

The sanctuary was the first inside renovation to be completed and became the worship space for the congregation on March 3rd, which was, fittingly Transfiguration Sunday. The building was made handicapped accessible. The kitchen was improved with all new appliances. Thanks to the people of First Presbyterian Church, Madison, Kansas (a congregation that was closing) chancel furnishings, pulpit, piano, and other items were donated. Thanks to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and to the generosity of several congregations in four different states, support was given to the church as we moved to a new neighborhood and began reaching out to the people in south Pulaski County. New siding and a new parking lot, along with a new sign, are in the works and nearing completion.

Westminster’s new worship space

On Sunday, July 21, 2019, the Sunday nearest the first anniversary of the fire, there will be a Dedication Service and a reception at 3:00 p.m., giving thanks to the loving God who has been so gracious to us. We hope people can gather and see the amazing transformation that has taken place to the “old farm house” as it has become a “new church house.”

The address is 15802 Arch Street Pike, Little Rock, AR 72203. Rev. Dr. David Dyer is the pastor.

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